Stéphanie Beaulieu is a conceptual artist who lives and works in Montreal. After have worked for more than 10 years in the advertising industry, she completed with distinction her BFA in Studio Arts at Concordia University (Terminated at Newcastle University in England, 2011). Within an installation-based practice, her work proposes a reflexion on the individual role every human being plays in others’ self-definition. Her work has been presented in England, in Mexico, in Yukon, in Toronto as well as several regions of Quebec. She is an active member of several Artist-Run Centers and Vice-President of Pied Carré’s Board of Directors.



Beaulieu’s work questions our individual role in how others define themselves. Within an installation-based practice, she tries to understand human beings behaviours in the way they respond to emotional as much as social needs: anxiety, fear of loneliness, needs of achievement, etc. She believes we can extend those reflexions to the identity of a society or more specifically in the way it is framed by its common value system. From project to project, she abolishes social classes or gender differences in collecting social interactions or anthropological samples such as hairs, belly buttons’ moulds, grass from different neighbourhood’s lawns or infused tea bags. The results of those collections point out the differences within groups of objects, actions and persons that seem homogeneous but also within that same homogeneity the similarities demonstrating a certain normality that makes us feel so good. By observation and comparison we confirm the correctness of our feelings. This inter-reaction helps us to grow intellectually as well as to understand ourselves. This behaviour, at the very basis of public opinion, maintain a social pressure feeling that might be perceive as oppressive and restrictive but is essentially an individual responsibility within a specific community. Themes of support, perseverance, opportunism, similarities despite differences and perception are the heart of her research.




Identitarian Construction – Roadside Attractions, Toronto – Ontario CAN

Vert Voisin III, Occurrence, Montreal – Qc CAN


Vert Voisin, Espace Projet, Montreal – Qc CAN


Tides, 36 Lime Street Gallery, Newcastle UK




(Terreau fertile, Zone d’Affluence, Maison LePailleur, Châteauguay – Qc CAN)


Vert Voisin VI – Paysage cartographiés, Centre d’art de Kamouraska, Kamouraska – Qc CAN


SiMBIOSiS-SyMBiOSiS: Integration. FRONDA. Pachuca – Hidalgo MEX

Vert Voisin IV – Banlieue!, Maison des Arts de Laval, Laval – Qc CAN
Curators: Jasmine Colizza et Catherine Cormier-Larose

The ultimate comfort of the neighbour – 25th Fundraising Exhibition Occurrence, Montreal – Qc CAN

THE Secret of Success, Articule, Montreal – Qc CAN


Thé mon support, Zone d’Affluence, Musée des maîtres et artisans, Montreal – Qc CAN

Vert Voisin II, Vertes Expressions, Espace F, Matane – Qc CAN

Je suis un érable, Zone d’Affluence, Maison LePailleur Châteauguay – Qc CAN

Thé mon support, Zone d’Affluence, Maison LePailleur Châteauguay – Qc CAN


Umbilical Clinic, Bain Saint-Michel (RAIQ), Montreal – Qc CAN

Let’s drink some tea together, KIAC, Dawson City – Yukon CAN

Thé mon patrimoine, Zone d’Affluence, Maison LePailleur Châteauguay – Qc CAN

Thé mon pilier, Pied Carré Press Conference, Montreal – Qc CAN

David, J’aime L’art La Centrale, Montreal – Qc CAN

Umbilical Portraits, Artsida Galerie D, Montreal – Qc CAN

Armure, Member’s Exhibition Articule, Montreal – Qc CAN


Tides, Shoreditch Town Hall, London UK

Social Ceiling, Final Degree Show, Newcastle UK

David, Land(e)scape Hatton Gallery, Newcastle UK
Curator: Hannah Marsden

Piece of Me, Closer to Death Eastern Block, Montreal – Qc CAN
Curator: Jessica Kirsch


Still Moving, Merge Long Gallery, Newcastle UK

All of Me, Galerie VAV, Montreal – Quebec CAN

Aging tables, Human & Social Sciences Congress, Montreal – Qc CAN
Curator: Caroline Boileau

Tumbleweed, NTSC GiaPhat, Montreal – Qc CAN
Curator: Donna Akrey

Tumbleweed, The Body is Obsolete CtrlLAB AAVA, Montreal – Qc CAN
Curators: Alissa Jefranova & Claudio Burneo

Piece of me, Do Tell Me More ASFASA, Montreal – Qc CAN
Curator: Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte


Evidence, In/Decent Xposure Ateliers Jean Brillant, Montreal – Qc CAN
Curator: Nick Brutus Grass Younès



2016        (Vert Voisin VII. Sagamie. Alma – Québec CAN)

2015        SiMBIOSiS-SyMBiOSiS: Integration. FRONDA. Pachuca – Hidalgo MEX



2014 Intervals : Krakow meets Montreal. Co-curated. Articule. Montreal – Qc CAN



2013 Travel Grant – Visual Art, Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec – Qc CAN

2010-2011 Mobility Bursary MELS. Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur – Qc CAN



2011 BFA with distinction – Studio Arts Concordia University, Montreal – Quebec CAN

(2010-2011) Int’l Exchange Newcastle University, UK)




Video Mapping. Nelly-Ève Rajotte. OBORO. CAN

Introduction to Processing. Mathieu Plasse. OBORO. CAN

Hâbleries ultrasonores. Alexis O’Hara. RAIQ. CAN


Operationes híbridas: Colaboratión arte, ciencia y technología. Nina Czegledy. Simbiosis 2015. FRONDA. MEX


Polyécrans: concevoir et structurer la multiprojections. Aaron Pollard & Allison Moore OBORO. CAN


Performance Art Workshop with Sylvie Cotton RAIQ. CAN




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Vice-President, Board of Directors. Pied Carré


Fundraising Committee Member. La Centrale


Volunteer. OBORO – RAIQ – Diagonale


Vice-President (2014-2015) Treasurer (2013), Board of Directors. Articule

Programming Committee Member. Articule


Artistic Documentation / Event Photographer
Caroline Boileau, Julie Laurin, Fondation Jean-Pierre-Perreault


Coordinator/Project & Event Manager/Producer (creative/design/studio)
Cossette Communication – lg2 – Publicis – SidLee – FCB – Rodeo Production – Terrain Marketing


Props Artist. C2-MTL Museum Objects Sponsors’ Vision. Curator: SidLee


PR Manager. Galerie Dominique Bouffard